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The Life of An Artist

The life of an artist is not always the easiest. It can be particularly tough trying to make a living from one’s own artwork in the small towns of the Midwest where art forms are more often considered as mere hobbies to partake in with any free time left after a “real” job. Through adolescent years those that discover a gift to create are praised and supported by family and friends, yet as graduation approaches, those same praises often fade to denunciations and questioning. Hearing such things as, “How can you possibly survive without a real occupation? Now is the time to grow up.” Some are not affected by these comments and know their path in life. Early in their journey they learn to navigate through the many struggles most artists face and continue forward: dedicated to surviving one way or another while creating what comes from their own inspirations.

Many more artists, even those with a solid foundation of support, find themselves stumbling onto or drifting through a maze of paths not truly meant for their feet.

Leah Merrix was one of those people: naturally gifted and surrounded by a family of artists with nothing but love and support to give for any path she chose.

Written by Brendan Douglas for Alien Dove

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